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Member Agreement

Member Agreement

Promote and sell Atomy products to ultimate consumers and not to sell or display those products in retail sales or service establishments. Maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility in dealing with the Company, consumers and other members.

Present Atomy products in a truthful and sincere manner and keep the company unharmed from damages resulting from misrepresentations by Members. Protect the Atomy trademarks and trade name and obtain the Company’s written permission prior to use in any advertising (including but not limited to, the internet, literatures other than Company-published, logos, pictures, and other marketing promotional devices. Member understands that display or sale of Atomy products in public, retail or service establishments of any kind is inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement.

All orders submitted to the company shall be accompanied by a credit card charge, bank deposit into Atomy America’s Bank of America Account, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to the order of “Atomy America Inc.” for the full amount due. Member understands that all orders are subject to acceptance by the Company and the terms of this Agreement.

Member is not a joint venture with, or franchisee, partner, agent or employee of the Company. Member has no power or authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability on behalf of the Company.

Member, as a self-employed independent contractor, will be operating his/her own business, making individual decisions, buying and selling products available through Atomy America Inc. in his/her own account. The company shall bear no legal responsibility for the actions taken by Members. Furthermore, both parties acknowledge that the Member is not an employee of the Company and will not be treated as an employee with respect to his/her Agreement for Federal, State or Local Tax purposes, or otherwise.

Member will be responsible for payment of any self-employment and other income taxes. Member will receive commission totals reflecting the amount of income paid during the calendar year by the Company. It will be Member’s sole responsibility to account for such income on his/her individual income tax returns.

The company may change suggested retail prices, discounts, commissions, transportation charges, contest rules and active status requirements at anytime. The company will give members at least fifteen (15) days’ prior notice of:


  • a) Any changes to contest rules and active status requirements.
  • b) Changes to suggested retail prices and shipping charges.
  • c) Changes in standard discount and commission schedules. Written notice may be given by posting notice on the Company’s Website. The Company or Member may terminate the Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the other party, or without prior notice and with immediate effect as a result of breach of any of the provisions herein. In determining what actions to take in the event of breach of the Agreement, the Company may consider without limitation the nature and severity of the breach. If you do not agree with action taken by the company, you may submit your dispute to appeal the decision with supporting evidence.


Member agrees to submit any dispute he/she may have to binding arbitration. The arbitration award shall be final and binding and judgment may be entered upon it by any court of competent jurisdiction. The United States Arbitration Act shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of the arbitration rules and arbitration proceedings. The parties intend for the Dispute Resolution Procedures to apply to the maximum degree possible in any arbitration. If members become involved in a claim or dispute, the Member will not disclose any matter that is subject to the dispute resolution process to any other person not directly involved in the conciliation or arbitration process.

Atomy Salesman Code of Ethics

In order to establish respectful business culture and to ensure fair and honest business activities among members, Atomy Co Ltd., hereafter stated as the “Company”, sets forth the Code of Ethics, and hereby request all members to follow through accordingly. All Members are subject to compliance of the Code of Ethics. This is an inevitable process to prevent any unwanted disadvantages, and to encourage long-term growth of business based on mutual trust between members. Hence, there will be strict enforcement of penalty in violation of the following Code of Ethics, depending on severity of action.


  • 1.False/ Illegal/ Duplicate Registration Registering a person without his/her consent, registering false information, or duplicate registration of one person and/or spouses being registered together, is against the Company’s membership registration rules. Memberships will be terminated immediately upon confirmation.
  • 2.False/ Exaggerated Advertisement It is forbidden to mislead other people by providing false or exaggerated information about the Company. Members shall not mislead anyone with false information regarding Company products, marketing plan, or financial rewards. i.e. Any representations other than the official information provided by the Company including but not limited to: Atomy, Marketing Plan, Product Quality, Price, etc.
  • 3.Personal Websites and Promotional Material Regulation It is forbidden to sell Atomy products through personal websites (bidding sites, blog, homepage, café, etc) and/or internet shopping malls and other portal sites. It is also illegal to use the Company Logo and/or Name on personal websites or business tools/materials without the Company’s consent.
  • 4.Voluntary Product Purchase Regulation Members are prohibited from forcing their down-lines or consumers to purchase products, any sort of monetary/materialistic dealings for the purpose of membership registration or withdrawal, and unreasonable purchasing or unwanted selling of products for reasons other than pure consumption (i.e. Mastership achievement).
  • 5.Inducing Line Changes The Company strictly prohibits recruiting between lines, abnormal change of Sponsors and/or affiliated Centers, and any other personal connection based dealings which destroy mutual trust between members.
  • 6.Monetary and Product Exchange The Company strictly prohibits monetary or product dealings between members which cause illicit use of credit cards or financial dealings. Members shall not enter into transactions that are unauthorized.
  • 7.Maintenance of Members’ Dignity Unethical behavior of Atomy members, such as personal issues between members, violence, reckless slandering and defaming other members that damage their character are forbidden.
  • 8.Luring Other Businesses It is strictly forbidden to recommend other MLM businesses, advertise or sell the products to existing Atomy members. If the member is a Sales Master or higher status then, the membership will immediately be terminated upon confirmation of such actions.
  • 9.Protection of Personal Information Members must thoroughly protect the personal information of consumers and/or keep confidential their information collected through Atomy business, and may not use, copy, store, or disclose it without the individual’s consent.
  • 10.Obeying Laws and Regulations Atomy members must fully understand and follow the relevant laws concerning their business, as well as the Company regulations. Rules and regulations will be in accordance within the jurisdiction provided by the respective Company. The above Code of Ethics must be obeyed in order to protect the members’ business and for long-term growth of all parties involved. The Company has the right to impose penalties on any member in violation of these regulations, such as suspension or termination of membership, depending on severity of violation. In addition, all connection with the Company will cease upon termination of membership, and terminated member may not continue practice of business as member of the Company.