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Atomy Chairman
"Mongsang" Han-Gill Park

Atomy - a company that "Cherishes the Spirit"
People should be regarded with the highest value. Atomy adheres to its Absolute Quality Absolute Price policy, and its management objective is "customer success." The reason for this is because we are the center of God's creation, and Atomy believes that people are the goal, not a means to an end. Thus, we will continue to be a company that loves people, and one that channels our efforts into helping our members succeed. As a result, Atomy will be a company that grows and matures together with our society.


Current Chairman, Atomy Co., Ltd.
Current member of the Council for the WFDSA (2019~)
Current President, Korea Direct Selling Association (2019~)
Vice President, Korea Direct Selling Industry Association (2015~2018)
Vice President, the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (2013)
Board of Directors, Korea Special Sales Financial Cooperative Association (2013)
Ph.D in Business Administration, Woosong University (2020)
Master of Business Administration, Woosong University (2016)
Bachelor of Arts, Commerce and Trade, Kyounggi University (1985)
Salesio High School, Gwangju (1977)



Discovering Network Marketing

I was introduced to network marketing in my 30s during a business trip to Australia. This method encourages consumers to tell their friends and family about products that they have used and love. Those people then tell others about the products, and so on. This business model helps establish a consumer base and allows profits to follow accordingly. After returning to Korea, I joined a network marketing company as a salesperson. I reached the highest rank during my employment there, but it was not a place where good products were sold at affordable prices. I tried to look for a company driven by the principles I cherished, but could not find one. So I started Atomy with the idea that since such a company did not exist, I would make one myself.



The Start of Atomy

It all began in a shabby old duck restaurant in Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do. I drove an old used car that was about to break down at any moment to go explain my idea of Atomy to about 17 to 18 people who were going through difficult times. Looking back now, it was an odd situation, but that was the beginning of Atomy. No one wanted to invest in Atomy, which was an infant network marketing company at the time. It was even difficult to recruit people to become salespeople. In that old restaurant, I said to those people that one day, they would be able to live in the best houses in Iksan. I also said that if they became Imperial Masters, I would give them 1 billion KRW in cash. Most of them probably thought I was just a dreamer. However, the early members clung to my words with a glimmer of hope. Today, some of them have indeed become Imperial Masters, and as promised, received 1 billion KRW.


 Toward a Global Atomy


It is hard to see something that is incredibly large. But when you can believe in such grandness without even being able to see it, you can achieve great things that are too grand to measure. It is not easy to have faith in something unseen, but if you only believe in what you see, and follow things that are visible, your success will be limited. Atomy dreams of the day when consumers worldwide will use our products. And as our dreams from the past 10 years have made Atomy what it is today, our dreams for the future will shape our next 10 and even 100 years. Though it may be hard to envision now, all of us at Atomy truly believe that all consumers around the world will one day be able to experience Atomy.