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Atomy Moto
Cherish the Spirit.    Create the Vision.
Follow the Faith.     Serve in Humility.

Cherish the Spirit
A human being, made in the image of God, cannot be a means to do something under any circumstances,
but is the most precious existence of all.

A human being is the end goal, never the means to an end, and must be valued as such.

Create the Vision
The most certain way of predicting the future is to plan the future ourselves.
We must focus our thoughts to bring about the planned future.

Follow the Faith.
We think that true belief is believing in something you cannot see,
and not what you can actually see.
Belief in an invisible vision is the power guiding our hands to make the right future.

Serve in Humility
Our thoughts should reach to the sky, but our feet should remain on the ground.
If we remain humble, even after we’ve achieved everything, unanimous respect from others,
on top of honorable achievement, can be ours.








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  • Company Name: Atomy Co., Ltd.
  • Founded: June 1, 2009
  • Founder: Han-Gill Park
  • Global Revenue: 1.3 billion USD
  • Global Members: 6 million
  • Global Employees: 300
  • Global Regions U.S, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, and Russia
  • Products 400+ products including Hemo-HIM, Absolute Cell Active Skincare, Atomy Skincare The Fame, health foods, beauty products, home goods, food, and fashion
  • Headquarters 2148-21, Baekjemunhwa-ro, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

  • Established in 2009, Atomy is a network marketing company that conducts direct sales in 14 different regions including South Korea (as of Dec. 2019).

We are growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to the principles of Absolute Quality Absolute Price established by our founding Chairman Han-Gill Park.

We are also solidifying the foundation for sustainable growth by focusing on our forward-thinking goal of customer success and fostering three key corporate cultures: observing principles, growing together, and sharing. In 2019, Atomy’s annual revenue was 1.3 billion USD and our global members totaled 6 million.